Friday, October 21, 2011

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black is the story of those with supernatural abilities called contractors. An event happens that creates two spot on Earth that are called Heave's Gate(South America) and Hell's Gate(Tokyo), where strange occurrences happen. Anybody that trespasses into the area is never heard from again. At that same time the sky was replaced by a sky full of false stars, which represent the life of a contractor. Contractors are those who have abilities develop which range from controlling gravity to materializing items and even controlling weather. Contractors can use their abilities but must pay a remuneration (a payment of sorts) that is usually strange. Some have to break their own fingers, drink beer, eat cigarettes, etc. They have also lost all emotional reasoning which is replaced by pure logical reasoning. As a result, many contractors work as assassins and the like. This story revolves around a chinese contracor named Hei. Hei is slightly different since he does not have a remuneration for his abilities. Hei works with a girl named Yin that is a "Doll." Dolls have zero personality and act as support for contractors. Each doll has an affinity for an element or substance, that when they are in contact can project themselves to any other place that substance might be. Hei also works with another contractor named Mao that had the ability to  transfer his consciousness into animals. But at a period in the past an incident occurred and he lost his real body. He now prefers the body of a black cat. Their team also has a human contact who was once a police officer by the name of Huang.  Huang is the contact for the organization they work for and hands down missions for Hei to complete. Over the coares of the series it becomes obvious that Hei is not a normal contractor, most obviously because he has no remuneration. But also because he does not always follow logic and at times he is very driven by emotion. I would recommend this to those who prefer supernatural abilities. This series gives a different kind of feel and variety to the genre. It does its best to show as much character development as possible while still leaving a sense of mystery. Making you want more and more. There is also a second season to this along with some OAV's to fill in between the first and second season. I will be writing a review of the second season next. Enjoy!

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