Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi Shirhama is a weak knees pervert who is always being bullied. One day on his way to school he meets a big breasted blonde named Miu Furinji. She sees a yin-yang pin on his collar and assumes he is a martial artist. She appears to be a dimwitted, naive, girl in glasses, however she performs maneuvers that are inhuman. Later that day on the way home Kenichi comes across a group of thugs bullying an old man, so he decides to hide. Miu shows up and stands between the thugs and the old man. Kenichi sees this and out of principle he jumps between them. As a result Miu is impressed (even though she is the one who basically cripples the thugs) and tells him about  place where he can learn martial arts, with the warning that it is only if he can survive the training! When he gets there, he is scared out of his mind but is set on learning. He then undergoes rigorous training by various masters of different martial arts including Karate, Chinese kung fu, muy thai, weapons specialist, and more. One of the key character attributes of Kenichi is that he has no courage, however he never backs down when the ones he cares about are on the line or his courage is in question. And as a result, he is willing to undergo the torturous training of his masters. I find this anime very inspirational and even slightly educational. It does a very adequate job of explaining  some of the concepts behind various forms of martials arts. It may seem a bit childish and immature at times, but I didn't mind. The anime is worth the bad points. I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys the fighting, martial arts, superhuman, or similar genres. Enjoy!

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