Thursday, November 24, 2011

Denetsu No Yusha No Denetsu (Legend of the Legendary Heroes)

Warning Spoiler Alert!
Ryner Lute is a lazy magician and the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. The Alpha Stigma is basically the ability to see magic and understand every aspect of it by breaking it down making it so that the bearer can instantly recreate it. The alpha stigma bearer has always been looked at as a monster and feared by society, hence the reason why Ryner is so lazy. He pretends to be lazy in order not to draw attention to himself, when in reality he is very bright. He even takes the fall for a tragic massacre of his fellow military academy students. While imprisoned he reads nearly every book in the academy’s library, just going to show his true intelligence. He is later freed only due to his friendship with the King of the Roland Empire, Sion Astal. He is sent with Ferris Ellis on a journey to discover and recover the lost hero relic, items which were used in ancient times by heroes and which have unimaginable power. During this time Ryner and Ferris end up developing a strong bond between each other even though Ryner has always avoided making bonds because the ones he’s always made in the past have ended when the alpha stigma took control of him and either destroyed them or scared them so much that they wanted nothing to do with him. Throughout the series, Sion is constantly troubled with the thought of betraying Ryner in order to do what he believes is necessary for the future of the Roland Empire. Ryner while in prison wrote a report about how he thought the world would achieve peace based on his theory of taking naps. In the end Sion ends up betraying Ryner and the series is left open for a second season, which has yet to happen. Some may call it a cliché hero antihero storyline but call me a romantic, because I enjoyed this very much and am still waiting for the follow up. I recommend this to all. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Yurameshi is a delinquent punk who nobody believes to be worth anything until he sacrifices his life to save a little boy from being hit by a speeding car. As a ghost he begins to see that his life had more importance than he first thought. He is given the opportunity to come back to life since his death was completely unexpected by the spirit world. Needless to say that he is once again alive, but is then told that heis the spirit detective of the living world. He has abilities above the normal person and is given cases to solve involving demons and other strange phenomenon.  He starts learning from a renowned psychic named Gen Kai, who instructs him on the ways of controlling his immense amount of spirit energy. His primary weapon using his spirit energy is his spirit gun. Basically he concentrates his energy nto his finger and releases it like a bullet. He also learns a similar method of releasing his energy called the shotgun, it’s the same idea only it is a more spread focus shot.  Eventually Gen Kai endows Yusuke with her spirit orb, a massive amount of spirit energy that he takes within himself that has the risk of tearing his body to shreds. He uses this power to fight against some very powerful demons, and in the process of the thought of the loss of his friends discovers his inner strength. Later he meets the spirit detective that came before him who has the goal of destroying the barrier between the living world and demon world. Yusuke once again finds himself dead and discovers that he is the descendant of a very powerful demon.  Several generations prior to Yusuke, a muzaku demon fell in love with a human and shared a night with her. The trait allows a muzaku to pass on his dna to a descendant powerful enough to control their power, is known as the atavism of the muzaku. At this point Yusuke has become the most wanted person in the living world with a warrant for his death from the spirit world. He travels to demon world to see his so called demon father and while there learns to harness his demon powers. There are three  rulers of the demon world and one just happens to be his demon father.  The three rulers are at war and when Yusukes father dies, he makes a trip to see of the other rulers and proposes a tournament to decide the ruler of the demon world. By doing so he gives the opportunity to all demons to be the ruler. As a result of the tournament, none of the rulers end up being in charge, because they all faced each other prior to the finals and as a result the ruler became somebody that never could have taken power by force. He declared that demons were not to kill humans and in the end there was an understanding between the three worlds(spirit, living, demon) that there would be peace. Okay, so a lot of people don’t like this anime. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it got a bad rep or something because it looked a little childish, but I love it. For it time the animation is awesome, character development is outstanding, and the storyline kicked ass. I’m just going to recommend this to everybody! Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mutsu Enmei Ryuu Gaiden: Shura No Toki

Short Review
This is the story of the legendary Mutsu Fighting style, the style said to have never lost a fight. It is an unarmed fighting style that is only known by a single person at a time. Passed down from father to son, this story follows three different generations of mutsu fighters.  There is very little character development in this series seeing as it is divided up into three different short stories. However I found it very interesting.  It focuses almost solely on fighting, but throws in a little bit of a storyline to connect it all. The mutsu fighters all typically share the same characteristics and lifestyle, along with their ideals. Each ends up falling in love with a female companion whom they had just recently met, and that is when the next story starts. This could have been done with more detail and spread out to allow more character development and a better story line, but I think they did this on purpose to avoid a long drawn out series that most likely would have eventually been cut short. Check it out if you want a quick series to watch and just want to see some good unarmed vs. sword fights. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kaze No Stigma

Kaze No Stigma is the story of elemental magic users. Typically born into a specific family yields a person the ability to use a certain elemental magic. Kazuma is born into the Kannagi family, a family of fire users. Unfortunately he himself cannot control his fire magic. After a dual with his cousin to decide the heir to the family, which Kazuma loses terribly, his father disowns him and banishes him from the house.  After a couple years Kazuma returns and unexpectedly has the ability to control wind magic. As soon as he returns, Kannagi family members are murdered by wind magic and the first suspect is Kazuma. The most powerful fire magic user, kazuma’s father, makes an attempt to bring kazuma in to question him but has no luck. It is revealed that Kazuma has become a contractor. A contractor is one who has been granted a contract with a demon king of an element. The last known contractor was the first member of the Kannagi family to use fire magic, and as a result enabled the future members their abilities with fire as well. Through the series Kazuma helps Ayano, the cousin he lost his duel with, to become a worthy heir all the while dealing with his past with the family and the trouble he went through after he was banished. For as short as this series was, I am a major fan of the magic genre of anime. I enjoyed this but thought it could have been done a little better and continued for a little while longer. Certain characters had an adequate amount of development but many were lacking quite a bit, a problem which would have been solved had there been another season. Enjoy the magic!