Friday, January 20, 2012

Devil May Cry

Short Review
Devil May Cry is based primarily on the light novels derived from the popular video game. The story centers around Dante, a half demon half human who runs a demon hunting business called Devil May Cry. In the first episode Dante saves a young orphan girl who becomes almost like a sister to him, taking care of him and cleaning up his messes at the shop. He takes on various cases yet is always in debt and struggles to even feed himself. There really isn’t much to say about this series because it was very short lived. It only ran for 12 episodes but could have turned into something very good had it been given more time and development. I would say that if you are just looking for a quick series to watch, go ahead, but don’t expect much. Enjoy the short lived action of this series. 

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  1. Seen this one, it was kind of meh. Had potential though as you say.


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