Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zero No Tsukaima

Louis is a student at the Tristain Academy of Magic. She is also known as Louis the zero because she cannot perform magic the way she intends, even the simplest of spells goes wrong. On this world there are those who use magic which are known as nobles or mages, and those who cannot use magic known as commoners or plebeians. As part of her magic training she has to perform a ritual of summoning which will summon her lifelong familiar. Most mages summon a creature that is a representation and reflection of their magical skills and abilities. Louis however summons a human from a different world, our world, who is not familiar with magic or anything about where he has been brought. His name is Saito, and he is a perverted teenager. Louis is embarrassed by him and treats him worse than any normal familiar, he is basically treated as a slave. Their relationship progresses throughout the story and they discover a love for one another. They discover that Saito was summoned as a great warrior to protect a great magic user, a user of void magic. The reason why Louis has always had trouble with magic is because she was unaware that she was using the wrong type of magic. I enjoyed this anime quite a bit. It has two complete sequel seasons and is starting on its final season at the moment. I’m sure many of you have noticed but I have a bias towards the magic genre, so if you have any thoughts you would like to share about what you think of this show, please feel free to share them. Enjoy!


  1. Also like the magic genre, so will give it a look, nice review.

  2. This looks awesome! I love when theres weird relationship things like that! (I do have a high like for magical stuff!)

    Also I just found some Death Note videos so I'm gonna start watching that show soon!

  3. this one is actually on magic genre my favorite XD the end is coming soon and i hope it doesnt end like the manga =3


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