Manga and Manhwa

The Breaker
 If you’re not familiar with manhwa, it is the Korean equivalent of manga. The breaker is the first manhwa  series I have read, and let me tell you that it is as good if not better than many manga series. It is the story of Shi-Woon Yi, he is a student at the Nine-Arts Dragon High school and is always being bullied by a particular student. Until one day he meets a new teacher that basically makes fun of him for not standing up for himself. The teacher is very different and even ends of saving Shi-Woon’s life by using true martial arts. Shi-Woon decides that he wants to learn martial arts after his bullies decide to go after his childhood “girlfriend.” He wants to protect her to the point that he is willing to risk his own his during training, which he does. He over exerts himself to the point that he is near death, and is told that he was born with a body that has a very restrictive ki flow. And as a result, any physical activity is very difficult. He is given a pill, made by a select martial arts family, that is infused with the ki of many people. One of his teachers friends, who also happens to be the new school nurse, stole it from the family. These pills are very sought after because they are so rare, and only a few even exist. She tell Shi-Woon that a normal human has never taken a pill, and would most likely die. But he insists and after everything he obtains vast amounts of ki. Shi-Woon also has the skill to very quickly learn a technique just from watching it done. I will not go into any further detail at the moment. I believe that if you are interested from what you have read, that you should go read it. The original is not very long  and ended sort of abruptly, but a follow –up/continuation series was started called The Breaker: New Waves. Check it out!!!!